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These highly durable and modern centrifuges are designed to be used in micro tubes - small capacity tubes. They are available with the capability of inter-changeable rotor heads. They have become highly admired laboratory devices developed with skilled techniques that are widely used for the separation of the masses in the domains of biochemistry, molecular biology, food science as well as medicine.

When the mass is carefully placed in any heterogeneous solutions using the force of gravity, it spins at the speed of 3000 rpm to 20,000 rpm. This centrifuge is designed to force the steps as well as process the mass in a quicker and efficient manner. This has been widely demanded lab equipment since the 19th century.
Splitting is a vital step when it comes to the meticulous requirement and technical solutions to integrate a particular speed as well as gravitational force. This array of Meditek scientific centrifuges is available with innovative rotators that are based on the processing requirements and needs. All the products are designed to support the processing needs of the clients and provide them with 100% solution spin after spin.
These capabilities are available with collaboration of instruments as well as rotors that carry out precisely performance at every spin. They are available with a precise vacuum having higher-speed that lower air drag.

The rotation center differs at the speed level that is based on the processes to be incorporated. From micro spin, multispin, blood bank centrifuges, low and high-speed cooling to non-cooling and refrigerated high spin-powered centrifuges, a range of variety of available here.
Meditek Speciality designs highly powerful centrifuges for different sectors and domains for chemistry, science and physics laboratories. It focuses on the safety as well as power saving feature of the products. The device is available with a range of security features and safeguards that are designed into the device to ensure that everything runs in perfection. The company provides this equipment in diverse sizes, configurations and speed with shaking and non-shaking factors having abundant lighting as well as data digital interface.

For blood bank centrifuges, the speed control can be shot up to 5000 RPM with 10 RPM increments. The temperature ranges from -20 C to + 40 C to 1 C. In addition, the working temp ranges from -5 C to 20 C. This unit is available in 860 x 960 x 965 mm dimension.

Uniform and constant pre-cooling as well as standby cooling facilities is available with this machine. These multi-spin and micro spin centrifuges come with great perks like step less speed regulator having digital display lodged. These equipments are available with noise reduction concept that is a salient feature.
Meditek Speciality has become a prime hub of the market offering state of the art as well as high and low-speed centrifuges, refrigerating as well as incubation devices. They are available with long term safety record as well as quality assurance to ensure to make it a preferred choice of everyone when it comes to reliable and cost-effective laboratory equipment. Meditek Speciality is committed to adhere to every parameter quality and safety by all medical as well as government related standards.

  • Digital speed indicator
  • Step less speed regulator
  • 1-99 minutes digital timer with 8 infinite modes
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Refrigerated High Speed Research Centrifuge

Price: 191000 INR
  • Application:laboratory
  • Equipment Materials:Sturdy and safe metal fabricated body with SS chamber
Product Image (15)

High Volume Centrifuge

Price: Rs 2.5 Lakh /Piece INR
  • Application:laboratory
  • Equipment Materials:SS 304
Product Image (20)

Refrigerated Microspin Centrifuge

Price: 1,87,000.00 INR
  • Equipment Materials:Sturdy and safe metal fabricated body with SS chamber
  • Application:laboratory
Product Image (17)

Labspin Centrifuge

Price: 19,000.00 INR
  • Application:laboratory
  • Equipment Materials:Sturdy and safe metal fabricated body with corrosion resistant epoxy coating
Product Image (19)

High Speed Research Centrifuge

Price: 77900 INR
  • Application:laboratory
Product Image (16)

Microspin Centrifuge

Price: Rs 40,000 /Piece INR